3 ways to get fit in Peckham for FREE


Living in London it can sometimes be difficult to ‘get fit’. Whether it’s down to not having enough time, resources, or because it can be rather spenny to join a gym. Well, Peckham residents listen up - we have found 3 free ways to stay in shape! So if you’re serious about getting fit but don’t want to break the bank then make sure you know about these 3 places in Peckham, deffo the cheapest ways to get fit in London.

1.Take advantage of free gym and swim Peckham pool pass: Everyone Active Gym

Dulwich Leisure centre. Image: Everyoneactive.com

Dulwich Leisure centre. Image: Everyoneactive.com

How about working out at a Peckham gym for free? Southwark residents are able to use the swimming pool and gym facilities for FREE in six of the borough’s leisure centres, operated by Everyone Active in partnership with Southwark Council. The two closest to Peckham are Peckham Pulse Leisure centre and Dulwich Leisure centre. All day on a Friday and on Sat & Sun from 2pm to close, Southwark residents can use the facilities at these gyms for FREE. Disabled residents will be able to use these leisure centres for free seven days a week. Pretty cool right? This is because over the last 10 years Southwark Council have put almost £50m worth of investment into leisure facilities in the borough - with the intention of preventing health issues by making it easier for residents to lead a more active lifestyle.

To take advantage of this scheme you will have to sign up online and complete your online induction - Fill out a form here.

Peckham Pulse: 10 Melon Road, SE15 5QN

Dulwich Leisure centre: 2b Crystal Palace Road, SE22 9HB

2. Join community class Yoga at Yogarise

Yogarise in Peckham. Image: Yogarise London

Yogarise in Peckham. Image: Yogarise London

Yogarise an urban yoga studio situated in Peckham’s Bussey Building opened its doors in 2014 with the aim to get as many people as possible breathing , moving and Yogarising! Yogarise work with community partners to bring yoga and mindfulness to local schools to make yoga accessible to everybody. This aim for Yoga inclusiveness drives their Yoga community classes. Yogarise community classes are usually dynamic vinyasa or hatha flow in style. They say everyone is welcome including beginners - you just have to come along with an open mind and a desire to do yoga.

You can join their weekly community classes which are donation based (or free to attend) with all the proceeds going to a monthly charity. The classes are are often taught by newly qualified teachers or those not on our current schedule, so Yogarise may ask for your feedback. Check their insta for updates on classes and teachers.

Yogarise Peckham, Units b2.1 + b1.2 ,The Bussey Building, 133 Copeland Road , SE13 3SN

3. Get fit outdoors: Peckham’s park gym

Peckham’s outfoor gym in Peckham Rye Park

Peckham’s outfoor gym in Peckham Rye Park

Have you used Peckham’s urban outdoor gym yet? This active space tucked away next to the pond and skatepark was installed in Peckham Rye in 2009 after the Young Friends of Peckham Rye Park managed to get funding to build it. In recent years lots of local councils have been investing in outdoor gyms to encourage us all to get off the coach and get fit - for free!

Peckham’s outdoor gym is free to use, the equipment has been designed to provide low-impact training and can be used to do various exercises, including step-ups, sit-ups, lunges and press-ups. Go on- next time you’re in Peckham Rye Park why not give it a go? Then check out the ducks in the pond after, they are cute AF.

To find the outdoor gym in Peckham - followthe path leading from the entrance near the junction of Peckham Rye and Homestall Road, past the Adventure Playground and you will find the gym next to the skate park.

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