OMG. Bad gal RiRi's fashion campaign was shot in Peckham!


Okay, so you know Fenty - the luxury fashion brand by the one and only RiRi… well, the Fenty crew have only gone and shot their latest fashion campaign on the streets of Peckham!

Fenty has released the campaign imagery for its newest release, 8-19 which is set in Peckham - now we would normally jump to the conclusion that this is yet another brand jumping on the ‘Peckham bandwagon’ if it was not for the legendary photojournalist Liz Johnson Artur being behind the lens.


Ghanaian-Russian photojournalist and Peckham resident Liz Johnson Artur is best known for her work that documents the lives of black people from across the African Diaspora, which has most recently been exhibited at her first UK solo show at the South London Gallery. This exhibition focuses on London, where Artur has lived since 1991, capturing the richness and complexity of Black British life.

Peckham has often been the focal point of Artur’s work, in the new Fenty campaign Artur captures Fenty models strutting through the streets, markets and parks of SE15. Artur told i-D magazine “We hung out in streets and parks [to capture] the feel of Peckham and London. Peckham represents what I love about London: the sounds and, most importantly, the people.”

We think the campaign imagery captures the rawness and beauty of Peckham perfectly whilst showcasing RiRi’s statement yet sophisticated 8-19 collection. Rihanna told Vogue magazine upon the brand’s launch “There is a huge diversity in the collection, because that’s my style,” - perhaps the reason why she chose to shoot in Peckham!