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SPACE-HONEY art exhibition

Space honey peckham

PECKHAM ART EXHIBITION depicting the spatial and the surreal

SPACE-HONEY is an exhibition of exciting, emerging artists depicting the spatial and the surreal. Combining multi-sensory art, spoken word and performance art pieces in the atmospheric Victorian house of Safehouse 1 (Peckham, Maverick Projects) this promises to be an exciting collaboration of some of London's brightest students, graduates, practitioners and musicians.

Taking incentive from Gaston Bachelard’s metaphor of honey in a hive in his book 'The Poetics of Space', SPACE-HONEY investigates the merging of the inner psyche and the outer world through the Surrealist movement’s manifestations of disembodied figures and unnerving landscapes. 
By starting from the first dwelling point: the home, dreams can be mapped across architectural boundaries; from beyond the four walls to the very skin we live in. Through approaching Surrealist views a century later, SPACE-HONEY exposes the psychological tensions of present-day; combining art, poetry and performance to depict how our innermost desires and dreams can transform our surroundings.