We chat to Peckham start up - Jar and Fern

Image source; Jar and Fern

Image source; Jar and Fern

Peckham has become a breeding ground for innovative start-ups and independent businesses such as the likes of miniature plant loving Jar and Fern.  

Madeline and Will are the team behind Jar and Fern, a Peckham based start-up who lovingly hand make Terrariums, Succulent Globes and indoor plant arrangements. For those of you who are not up to speed on your Urban garden jargon, Terrariums are self-watering eco-systems in glass jars which make for lush low maintenance,  indoor glass gardens. 

Image source; Jar and Fern

Image source; Jar and Fern

We decided to find out more about their green-fingered business and discuss what they love about Peckham.

How did the idea of Jar and Fern come about? 

We started the business after making terrariums together and becoming completely addicted to making these little worlds. We realised how difficult it was to get hold of all the right equipment and working out the best methods to make them. After lots of experimenting, we started selling at Brixton Market and then gradually moved into teaching workshops mainly in South East London in Camberwell, Brockwell Park and near Elephant and Castle.

So you now run workshops? 

Yes, we host regular terrarium workshops in South London along with running private events e.g. team building events or hen do’s and providing terrariums for offices and private venues. We love teaching people how to build them and seeing the beautiful mini landscapes our guests create. 

Image source; Jar and Fern

Image source; Jar and Fern

Why Terrariums? 

Terrariums are the perfect houseplant as they require very little maintenance - which is perfect if you travel or have a tendency to forget to water, closed terrariums are self-watering (due to the closed nature of the jar).

Where are you guys based? 

We make all of our terrariums and house plant arrangements from our workshop in Peckham and love living and working in the area. It’s the perfect location for our business and means we get to enjoy walking in Burgess Park and visiting the little cafes and bars in our time off.

Image source; Jar and Fern

Image source; Jar and Fern

Where's your favourite place in eat in SE15? 

Artusi down Bellenden road

Best place for a cocktail in SE15? 

Bussey building as it is where we met!

Describe Peckham in one word


Jar and Fern run various workshops around London, teaching techniques and giving attendees the tools to create their own terrarium from scratch. They also have an online shop as well Terrarium hire for events and product launches. Find out more here. For succulent-loving shots follow them on Insta here