Ruby's: We meet the gal behind the pastel coloured gelato shack

Business owner; Ruby Love (I know, what a great name!)

Business owner; Ruby Love (I know, what a great name!)

NOTE: Now closed 

Ruby's is the latest independent business venture to pop up in Peckham. The pastel coloured gelato shack which opened early May is owned and run by 24-year-old Ruby Love.

Ruby, who has lived in the area since she was 13, decided to open the gelato shack after having a 'f*ck it' moment! She wasted no time in getting started, taking her only one month from the conception to launch! Ruby has a real passion for Peckham. She set up Peckham Women's Institute in 2015, remaining the president ever since. 'It is a big part of my life' she says. As well as running Ruby's 6 days a week and acting as president to the Peckham WI she manages to fit it bouldering 3 times a week and says cooking is a steady hobby of hers, 'I have always loved food- cooking it, eating it and talking about it!'

Read our interview with this young entrepreneur (aka #girlboss) to find out more about her cool little gelato shop and her favourite place to eat in Peckham.

How did the idea of Ruby's come about? Have you always had a love of gelato? 

I have always loved food, not specifically gelato, but if it tastes good I'm usually into it. So the idea for Ruby's was really one of those 'f*ck it, might as well' moments, that's really the best way of describing it! I had been at a bit of a loss as to what to do with my summer and had wandered into the alley to get a juice from The Cane Press when I saw a "For Lease" sign on what is now Ruby's. I just thought, that would be an awesome little ice cream shop. Anyway, I went home and slept on it and came back the next day and then kept coming back pretty much every day until I'd talked myself into it. That first day was the 8th April and I opened on the 6th May so it was a month from the first spark to opening. 

What were you doing before you opened Ruby's? 

Up until September last year I was working in the accounts department of a prop making company. I then gave that up to go back to college and train to be a car mechanic, which is what I was doing up until opening Ruby's.

Why did you open up in Peckham? 

It was never really a question of where to set up- I found the space, it worked and to be honest this is my home and I love it so I wouldn't even have thought to look elsewhere. 

Is Ruby's a summer pop up or do you think you will consider permanent residency in Peckham? 

Right now, I'm not sure. I'm going to get through the summer and will see how I feel at the end of it. Either it will turn into just a summer thing or I'll do something else with the shop over the winter, who knows maybe I'll make enough money to open a proper little gelato shop where I'm able to keep going through the winter!

Chocolate sorbet and pistachio gelato 

Chocolate sorbet and pistachio gelato 

So where do you get your Gelato from? 

Hackney Gelato - they are great. I met with another potential supplier before meeting them and I just felt like they didn't really understand Peckham or what I was trying to achieve. I then found Hackney Gelato online through some Timeout article about the best gelatos in London. From the moment I met Sam from Hackney Gelato I just felt instantly more confident about the whole idea. Enrico and Sam are lovely and with Italian roots and chef backgrounds they really know how to make good gelato. 

Give us an idea of flavours of gelato you sell. What do we NEED to try on the menu? 

So, at the moment I'm rotating flavours regularly, as Hackney Gelato make so many it would be a shame not to sample them all. I'm also trying to figure out what people like. The salted caramel gelato and pistachio gelato are best sellers. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the hazelnut gelato and the coconut sorbet. Their sorbets are great because they're dairy free but so creamy that you wouldn't know it. I also have a delicious rhubarb sorbet waiting to go out. Last time I got a delivery I sent Sam (from Hackney Gelato) home with some mangos from the veg stall to make me a special Peckham Mango Sorbet so keep an eye out for that. 

Favourite place in eat in SE15? 

My favourite place to eat in SE15 is such a hard question, there's so many good options. Right now I'm living off curry from the Asian takeaway next door to me, I'd strongly recommend trying it out. I'm also loving Banh Banh for their light and fresh but filling dishes. For burgers I head to Slow Richie's at Brick Brewery. But honestly it's got to be Persepolis, always and forever. 

Describe Peckham in one word


gelato peckham

Open Tuesday- Sunday, midday-8pm.

125a Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15