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Fancy a beer bottle share club?

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The Black Malt Bottle Share Club #V is proud to be at the wonderful BRICK BREWERY on the 17th June. Based in a railway arch in vibrant Peckham, Brick Brewery aims to bring a diverse range of beers to a wider audience while holding firm roots in the local community

On the evening, as well as the bottle share, we'll be hosting a MEET THE STAFF event, where we will be sampling the Kerala Stout (amongst other beers in the series), whilst chatting about the inspirations behind their infusions, their future plans for the brewery and why Peckham is at the heart of what they do.


What Is Black Malt & What Do I Bring?

Black Malt is London's first dark beer bottle share club. The event aims to educate about dark beer through creative discussion, tasting and sharing. 

+ BYOB! Choose 1 or 2 bottles/cans (dark beer only!) that you’re excited about and bring ’em along! Everything from milk stouts to black barley wines to those glorious imperials.

+ Food pairings are life, so if you bake, cook or want to try an unusual pairing, bring it and we’ll try it! Vegan/non-vegan, whatever!

+ Open discussions about the beers, food pairings, lifestyle, staying healthy etc encouraged!

18+ event only

Black Malt will always aim to keep costs low and never charge more than £5 at any given event. Proceeds are either donated to charity or used towards the next event.

Brick Brewery Taproom, Blenheim Grove, SE15 4QL