Forza Wine

Rooftop bar Forza Wine. Image: SouthEast15

Rooftop bar Forza Wine. Image: SouthEast15

Contemporary Italian food restaurant Forza Win has recently opened a new rooftop wine bar and restaurant - Forza Wine.

Forza Wine is a wine bar and restaurant situated on the rooftop of the newly renovated space on Rye Lane - Market Peckham. They share the building with the also newly opened Ramen restaurant Tonkotsu (on the 1st floor).

According to Forza Win co-owner and founder Bash Redford - they will be following the same mantra which has led to the success of converted warehouse restaurant Forza Win “We try not to take ourselves very seriously, but we do things really well.”

Forza Wine offers a selection of wines and snacks like sausage and fontina toasties or plate of sardines and grilled veal stuffed with fior di latte for you to enjoy whilst taking in the spectacular views from their fifth-floor terrace.

For those of you who have boozily struggled to make it up or down from Franks or Bussey’s rooftops fear not, Forza Wine has a lift!

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opening hours: Tues-Sat drinks 12-1am, lunch 12-3.30pm, dinner 6pm-11pm / Sunday drinks 12-12am, lunch 12-4pm

Floor 5, 133 Rye LN, Peckham, SE15 4ST