Who fancies a Good Tart?


What’s better than a tasty tart and a cuppa? How about a tasty tart that tastes good and does good! The Good Tart is a social enterprise run by Aba Edwards-Idun who sells tarts to support the work Magic Breakfast  - a charity that provides free breakfasts to school children in the UK.

Aba Edwards-Idun - founder of The Good Tart

Aba Edwards-Idun - founder of The Good Tart

South Londoner Aba, who works as a full-time as a lawyer started The Good Tart as a 'side-hustle'.  She says “I'm passionate about food and think its outrageous that every day in the UK, around 500,000 children go to school with empty tummies, which means they are too hungry to learn.  So, I started The Good Tart to help support the work of Magic Breakfast”.

A portion of the price of each tart sold goes directly to the charity which provides a healthy breakfast to over 40k schoolchildren each morning. Ensuring every child is given essential fuel for learning!

The Good Tart is on a mission to partner with local coffee shops and cafes to sell as many tarts and raise as much money as possible for Magic Breakfast. You can get your hands on a Good Tart at Cafe G - next to Peckham Rye Park right now!

Aba says her ultimate goal is to open a local coffee shop with a strong social purpose - we are down with that!

You will soon be able to buy tarts from The Good Tart online - have a sneak peak at their site.