The secret bar in Peckham we bet you haven't been to...

We all know Peckham has some of the best bars in London - I mean this is the neighbourhood that is home to celebrated rooftop bar Franks! But what about Peckham’s lesser known bars? Some of London’s best parties take place in pretty unusual venues… but what about a Caribbean bakery? Yup…we’re here to tell you about Peckham’s secret bar - Tasty Bakery on Peckham high street.

Secret Peckham bar: Tasty Bakery. Image:

Secret Peckham bar: Tasty Bakery. Image:

As the name suggests Tasty Bakery IS actually a bakery. By day this place is home to a Caribbean bakery, open from the early hours serving Afro-Caribbean snacks, quick dishes and sweet treats.

But Tasty Bakery is like no other London bakery… as day turns into night this space transforms into an underground bar complete with a bespoke sound system.

This late night Peckham bar/club situated at the top of Rye Lane offers a back to basics, minimal, no frills kind of night. Expect techno beats, homemade rum punch and a whole host of live music and DJs. Tasty Bakery bar is open late (sometimes until 5am) so next time you’re looking for a REAL party in Peckham - head here.

207 Rye Lane, Peckham SE15