Music Spotlight: PÆN


We caught up with the Dan from the band PÆN, a trio from London who describes their sound as Post-progressive, heavily influenced by the likes of King Crimson and Pink Floyd. Dan tells us about the band’s (which includes Dan, Paris and Rick) debut single ‘You Speak Through Your Eyes’, why they love Rye Wax in Peckham and their food of choice after a boozy night out!

So, where did the name PAEN come from? Who came up with it? 

The name PÆN originally came from the idea of Paris (Lead Singer and Keys) and I to start a two-piece band using a mixture of our names (Paris and Dan = PAN) We then did a bit of research and came about the fact that PÆNAN (whilst with a slightly different spelling) means 'a creative work expressing enthusiastic praise', which is something that we would all like to achieve (despite not always being 'enthusiastic' music. We then took out the extra A and create PÆN which we mostly chose for the striking geometric shapes that it produces. After this we then found out from our Danish friend that PÆN means 'nice', which we thought was quite nice haha. 


How do you guys know each other? And how did the band form? 

Well, Paris and I have been playing together since the age of 11 and went to primary school together. Since then we have played in many bands together, despite going to different secondary schools. We then went on to study Audio Production at SAE Institute London together, that's when we first began the PÆN project. During this time we used to live in Bermondsey and a friend of a friend knew someone who lived about 5 doors down the estate - that’s when we met Rick, the third member of our band. Paris and I during the time were finding it hard to fully create the ideas we wanted to do live so we asked Rick to join us to play a wide variety of instruments (Guitar, Synth, Sax and Backing Vocals) to fulfil our expansive sound.

How would you describe your sound? 

I guess this is the hardest question for any band to answer but recently after a discussion about our genre with our Producer/Mixing and Mastering Engineer Leigh Lawson I think we've managed to hit the nail on the head (nearly). Our sound as a genre would be called Post-Progressive, in the way that we are influenced by the complex structures of Prog bands such as King Crimson and Pink Floyd who in turn were influenced by classical music and jazz. But we are also are heavily influenced by the minimalism and electronic style of bands such as Radiohead and The Comet is Coming.

What inspires you most musically? 

I believe it’s a wide mixture of things. We try to aim for our music to incorporate a social commentary on subjects that we believe should be spoken about as well as about the human experience.

paen -london-band

Tell us about your debut single, what's it about?

‘You Speak Through Your Eyes’ is about seeing within someone who is dear a pain and struggle they are facing, a fear that has possessed them through external forces, and witnessing this, empowering them to overcome it. 

You are London boys, right? Why have you chosen to play at Rye Wax in Peckham? 

Originally Paris and I originate from Kent and Rick from Trieste, Italy. However, we have lived in London for the last 5 years so I guess we are nearly London Boys? 

Ahh we love Rye Wax! Since our first gig there supporting Puma Blue we fell in love and have done quite a few different shows there. Tom, and now Rachel, have always allowed us the space to play and are very supportive of grassroots music. The venue itself is has such a welcoming presence. 

The Copeland Space, in general, is such a nice place to hang out in. The open areas allows you to be surrounded by creative people, which is very inspiring. Rye Wax creates a lovely intimate atmosphere, which is the best way for our music to be truly experienced. 


What is the ultimate festival you would want to play at?

I think it would have to be Fyre Festival due to its brilliant organisation and location... (lol)

3 words you would use to describe Peckham?

Colourful, buzzing and Diverse.

Favourite drink to order at a bar?

Dan: A cold, honest pint.

Paris: What ever you are having!

After a boozy night out - what would you go to food be?

It would have to be CHIPS! I would say these little yellow beauties are our most important influence as a band and chocolate.


PÆN will be playing at the Rye Wax in the Bussey building on 30th May - see event details here. Have a listen to their music here.