A new mindset: 5 ways to do good and feel good

Who has given up on their overly ambitious New Year’s resolutions already? A New Year doesn’t have to mean a ‘new you’, how about aiming to be a better version of who you already are by looking at ways to be kinder to yourself, the environment and even your local community? We have rounded up things to do in Peckham that will make you feel good and do good.

Be present in the moment - Mindfulness classes in Peckham

We are all guilty of being so busy that we lose touch with the way we are feeling and getting caught up in our thoughts without really noticing or acknowledging how those thoughts are driving our emotions or behaviour. The practice of mindfulness which is a form of meditation (and has been around for thousands of years) is about reconnecting with our bodies and the sensations they experience as well as being aware of our thoughts and feelings as they happen.


This practice allows ourselves to be present in the moment and what you are experiencing - being aware of the present moment allows you to focus and see thoughts for what they really are, ‘mental events’ that do not control us.

If you are interested in learning more about mindfulness and meditation in London and how to practice it, you can visit Levitate, a drop-in meditation space hosted at Yogarise in Peckham. Levitate offer group classes to help you experience the deep relaxation of meditating in a group.

Mindfulness courses in South London: https://www.levitate.london/

Change your shopping habits - go plastic free!


Okay, so it is hard to go completely plastic free but we can all make a few more conscious decisions when it comes to how we shop to help reduce all the unnecessary plastic waste. The first step should be taking reusable bags to the shops, swapping your plastic water bottle for an eco-friendly alternative and bringing your own takeaway coffee cup.

So what else? How about going plastic free with a few of your grocery items like peanut butter, grains, olive oil nuts and household items like washing up liquid? It’s time to find a zero-waste shop in London.

Luckily for us South East London residents we can pop down to the sustainable Bring Your Own shop in Nunhead. Since opening last year - this store which is a short bus ride away from Peckham seems to becoming more and more popular. Bring Your Own (BYO) encourages customers to bring their own reusable containers, fill it up, weigh it and pay. Not only does this save on plastic packaging but it also reduces food waste, as you are only buying the exact amount of food or product you need.

Whatever your shopping habits, this local plastic-free shop in Nunhead is worth a visit if only for the peanut butter making machine (it’s cool).

BYO, 147, Evelina Road, Nunhead, London, SE15 3HB

Become a Flexitarian - vegetarian and vegan food in Peckham

Animal welfare (something we are very passionate about) aside, huge reduction in meat-eating is essential to helping us save the planet. Food production causes a great deal of damage to the environment, reports have suggested that avoiding meat and dairy products is the biggest way we can reduce our environmental impact on the planet.


If veganism right now seems too extreme for you then why not shift your diet to become a ‘Flexitarian’, a largely vegetable based diet that is supplemented occasionally with meat. A Flexitarian diet not only reduces our environmental impact but it has proved to have great effects on our health.

For those looking to try and Flexitarian diet, there are loads of vegetarian and vegan food to eat in Peckham. Some tasty dishes we have tried and would recommend: vegan fish (tofu wrapped in seaweed- SO good) & chips at The Rye Pub in Peckham, teriyaki Shiitake mushroom bun at Mr Bao on Rye Lane, dumplings at Zionly Manna, Rockadollar’s vegan hot dog at Bussey rooftop bar and spicy lemongrass tofu curry at Banh Banh.

Become a thrifty shopper - Trendy charity shops in Peckham

Mix up your wardrobe and create a unique style by shopping in charity shops. The best way to create an super stylish and original outfit is by mixing old with new. Charity shops can be a treasure chest if you have a bit of patience and an eye for spotting hidden gems. Look for vintage pieces like pencil skirts or tea dresses - they are better quality and fit than most high street versions (which are based on vintage styles). Most vintage pieces are wonderfully tailored with all the right seams and darts in the right places making them the perfect fit plus they are usually made from a natural fabrics and are beautifully lined. If you love your Zara dresses them have a look in charity shops for vintage fashion jewellery to accessories you high street picks, you may even get lucky and find a real gold or silver piece.


The Traid Peckham charity shop is known to stock trendy second hand clothing. They often put up pics on their Insta of new collections and have a knack for styling some great looks. Buying second hands means you are helping to reduce the number of clothes that end up in landfill and reducing the environmental burden of new clothes productions (we are all guilty of chasing trends). It’s a great feeling knowing that shopping (even a small part your wardrobe) this way is not only environmentally friendly but also cheaper than purchasing from a high street store.

At the very least declutter your mind and donate some of your old clothes to this lovely Peckham shop!

Traid Peckham charity shop, 14-16 Rye Ln, London SE15 5BS

The ultimate feel good factor- get fit whilst doing good


Have you made a New Year fitness resolution? How about getting fit whilst helping your local community? That’s where GoodGym comes in. GoodGym is made up of a  team of runners that combines regular exercise with helping their local community. There are different runs you can take part in like the Mission Run where runners will run to help out older people with one off-practical tasks that they are no longer able to do on their own - for example a runner might run to a registered older persons house and help move a piece of furniture, change a lightbulb, or do a bit of gardening and then run back. In gyms everywhere people are working out furiously achieving no external benefits. GoodGym aims to harness this energy by making it easier for people to channel this energy towards social good.

There are no specific commitments for GoodGym members, you can do it as often or as little as you like. Sign up to make GoodGym Southwark area part of your new year's fitness regime.