Brunching at The Habit in Nunhead


Bistro in Nunhead 

SE15 has some of the best brunch spots in London. But when you think of this corner of London, Peckham is the usual suspect that pops into mind. However, Nunhead is very much on the map and definitely worth visiting, thanks to an injection of new cafes, shops and restaurants in the area. So, in need of a cappuccino and a bite to eat we headed to The Habit in Nunhead for a spot of brunch.

The Habit which opened in 2016 is a modern British Bistro sitting alongside other shops and restaurants down Nunhead Lane. They are open for brunch and lunch all week and for dinner Friday and Saturday. The menu is simple and like many cafes and restaurants in SE15 a lot of the produce is sourced locally (SE15 prides itself on supporting the local businesses).

Walking into The Habit you quickly realise it’s unpretentious and relaxed, what you would expect from a villagey like cafe. The space is flooded with natural light and decorated simply with white walls, wooden tables and hanging light fixtures, creating a spacious and airy atmosphere. 

The guys have really focused on the small details. From a brown paper roll fixed on the wall showcasing the specials and the weather (sun and cloud drawings and all) to the hand-stamped napkins. It really is quite sweet.

The brunch menu is simple. With options of homemade granola, brioche eggy bread, smashed avocado and poached eggs, bubble ‘n’ kale and a classic fry up. We tried something recommended by the guy serving, ‘roast mushrooms on toast with feta’ which seems pretty basic but in reality, it’s incredible! The mushrooms were slathered in a garlicky buttery sauce and the toast soaked in oil. So simple yet so bloody good.

There is a nice variety of sarnies, we tried the smoked salmon and avocado (with chips!) and also homemade cakes you can select from the brightly patterned counter.

The staff are really friendly without being too intrusive - which is nice when you want to enjoy a leisurely brunch. There is also a snug outdoor space with a couple of tables and chairs ready for sipping cappuccinos in the summer rays (fingers crossed).

The Habit is worth checking out after perhaps a nice long stroll in the nearby Nunhead cemetery. There are also a lot of other little shops to visit along Nunhead Lane including Wine and Grocery shop Bambuni, The Beer shop and AG Flower shop.

60 Nunhead Lane, London SE15 3QE